I offer lifetime service for all of my razors. My "Shop revist" package includes rehoning the razor, tightening or replacing the pins and rebuffing the handle. This is offered for $20.00 plus the shipping. I want your razor to perform for a lifetime and I am willing to keep in tip top shape for you.

I make handmade razors because I enjoy it. Attention to detail and the care required to produce a “shaver” is what drives me every day. If you are looking for simple beauty that works, here it is. If you want something fancy to inspire your morning commute through the pampering process, then I can do that also. I select the best steel I can find and grind it to shaving perfection. Each step is meticulous and done with care to ensure your razor does the job.

What I Do

Greetings gentlemen,

My name is Jerry Stark. I am a 60 something year old guy livin’ the dream in the high desert of Northern Arizona. I like to drink strong coffee, I like to shoot at small targets from a long ways away and I like to chase that little white ball around on the green grass. I also make straight razors. 

I know there are fancier makers than I. I know there are cheaper razors around than I make. My razors are simple, well designed and they shave. That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

I’m lucky that my better half owns one of the largest knife stores in the country. This provides me the opportunity to meet some of the great modern knife makers. I am able to discuss the merits of different steel with people who know. I am somewhat of a steel junkie. That’s the heart of a knife or a razor. I have chosen to work with several really great carbon steels. 52100 is my favorite steel with D2 tool steel as a close second. The D2 tool steel receives a “sub zero quench” in the tempering process. This refines the grain of the steel and makes for a very smooth shaving razor. I also use W2 tool steel, 1095 high carbon steel and a variety of Damascus steels. All of my Damascus is provided by Randy Haas, a leader in Damascus production. All of these steels, when hardened and tempered correctly provide an excellent shaving experience.

All of my work is done as simple as possible. I grind on a single belt Bader grinder. I hand hone every razor using a series of seven different stones. Sounds like I may have been Amish in a past life. Every step is done by me with no automation or helper to affect the final outcome.

Try one out, see how it shaves for you. I offer a “Buy it Back” guarantee on every razor I make. Try it for a couple of weeks and see if you agree. If not, let me know and I will buy it back. 

About My Company


Jerry's Handmade Razors

A long journey back to my roots! Here is my great grandfather, the town blacksmith in Fairview MO circa the 1930's.

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