This razor is a 7/8 quarter hollow grind blade in 52100 with a barber's notch point. The scales are black and green G-10. Weight on this one is 68 grams. Ready to shave for only $275.00.


Put a little high tech in your morning shave. Carbon fiber scales and a 7/8 high carbon 52100 blade are the specs on #252. This is 85 grams of shaving pleasure complete with a barber's notch point and jimping in the tang. Make it yours for $325.00.

Presenting razor #361, featuring a 6/8 52100 blade in a half hollow grind with a round point. The scales a bright orange G-10 with a carbon fiber wedge. Light and nimble at 59 grams with a straight tang. Priced to shave at $265.00.

Introducing a new line of razors for me, traditional design 5/8 blades. These will have the same quality of my larger razors but be more economical. The standard steel will be 52100 and G-10 or Micarta for the scales with traditional pinning and a satin finish. Price for these will be $170.00 each including USA delivery. The goal is to keep a few in stock with a variety of scales for quick delivery. Get yours today!!!

Available today- White Paper Micarta

​                                 Yellow G-10

                                  Blue and Black Micarta


Here are razors that are available for sale. Some are marked SOLD but can still be reproduced

                   Please use the contact page to inquire about purchasing any razors.

Don't see one that fits your taste? Contact me to design your own special razor.


Rustic shaving at it's best here. Hand forged W2 steel in a 7/8 size with a half hollow grind. The scales are Black Ash Burl. Keepin' it light at 72 grams and ready to shave. Don't pass this one up at $375.00.


Do not miss out on this one of a kind razor. 8/8 half hollow high carbon 52100 blade in a smile shape. The scales are Warthog Tusk Ivory, complete with battle scars. Weighing 93 grams, this one is a big boy shaver. Be the only guy on your block to have a razor like this, $490.00 gets it delivered to your USA door.

When I say rustic shaving, this is what I mean. Here is a Whitetail Deer tine with a Randy Haas Tsunami Damascus blade. 6/8 in size and as big as the outdoors. The base is Alder with more antler tips. Put this on your bath vanity for only $275.00, delivered to your USA door.


Every sharp dressed man needs a Tuxedo, so here you go. High carbon 52100 blade, 7/8 in size with a half hollow grind. The scales are a Tuxedo design from black G-10 and white paper micarta with black G-10 liners. Dress up the best part of your day with this razor for $325.00.


​Here is razor #360, a 6/8 half hollow grind blade with a French point. The scales are Toxic Green Kirinite. Light and ready to shave at 51 grams. It's all yours for $260.00.

Please use the Contact page to inquire about purchasing any of these razors.

This special razor is a small but mighty shaving tool. The cutting edge is 2 5/8 in length with a bellied hollow grind. The blade is D2 tool steel with a Barber's notch point. Scales are red G-10 and the weight is only 60 grams. Grab it now for only $300.00.

The unique carbon fiber scales define this razor. The true beauty is the 7/8 high carbon blade in 52100 steel. Add some file work on the spine and it's a shaver. Weight is 65 grams. Price on this one is $325.00.